Just started to learn Python a few days ago. Actually, just started learning programming. Gotta' say, this is kind of fun. I feel utterly stupid at some points, but I know that it's just about practice and developing the skill.

I decided to make use of every single hour I have during this year meanwhile I wait for the vaccine before moving to another country.

My learning goals for the following weeks/months:
- LPIC-1
- Bash scripting
- Python
- Improving my German

Wish me luck 😅

@dredstrauss good luck! I started learning programming 3 years ago and gravitated towards python. Still love it. You're in for a treat! My advice is to use what you learn to write scripts that help you do everyday things - scrape websites, analyse csv files, send emails etc Helped me learn about python functions, libraries and environments in practical way. Enjoy!


@deasun Good idea. As I'm also learning sysadmin related stuff I could try to make some scripts to deploy servers and stuff (I think... I'll see)

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