Just started to learn Python a few days ago. Actually, just started learning programming. Gotta' say, this is kind of fun. I feel utterly stupid at some points, but I know that it's just about practice and developing the skill.

I decided to make use of every single hour I have during this year meanwhile I wait for the vaccine before moving to another country.

My learning goals for the following weeks/months:
- LPIC-1
- Bash scripting
- Python
- Improving my German

Wish me luck 😅

@dredstrauss I too am learning Python at the moment. Feel free to reach out. Can't promise anything, but will do my best.

Same with German, native speaker here.

Good luck!

@hejowhat Hey! Thank you!

Vielleicht können wir uns mit Python hilfen 😀. Sobald lerne ich die Grundlagen, Ich möchte benutzen 🤓

@dredstrauss Koennen uns gerne regelmaessig austauschen! habe ich vor einiger Zeit mal getestet, ist aber nicht so meins :)
(dann werde ich wohl die deutsche Tastaturbelegung wieder installieren haha)

@hejowhat Ich war tatsächlich über deine Tastaturbelegung denken 😄

@dredstrauss Werde die Umlaute einfach zu wenig an diesem Rechner. Wuerde aber trotzdem nicht schaden, diese nachzuinstallieren :)

@hejowhat Und, kannst du nicht die Umlaut mit andere Tasten machen? In der Spanisch Tastatur kann ich mit eins von die Akzentzeichen Tasten die Umlaute machen

Naja, obwohl das nicht sehr bequem ist 😅

@dredstrauss Koente ich sicherlich, aber dann installiere lieber das Layout nach. Das Umschalten zwischen den Sprachen ist dann ja ein Kinderspiel :)

@hejowhat Ja, das ist total richtig. Vielleicht bin ich nur zu faul zu das tun 😂

@dredstrauss Raspberry Pi is a fun way to play with Python using IRL things like LEDs, fans, you name it.

@electrona Really? Interesting! Is there any difference regarding to that usage between different versions of the Raspberry Pi?

@dredstrauss Newer is faster. They stay at the same price usually when a new one comes out. But the code should be the same. Even the RPi Zero is a good option, but you'll have to solder headers on it. I recommend just getting a Raspberry Pi 4.

@electrona WOW, I just found that those are triple the original price where m living right now D: better to stick to just software and buy one as soon as I move to Europe 😅

@dredstrauss I'll never part with mine. Hopefully you find a good price.

@dredstrauss good luck! I started learning programming 3 years ago and gravitated towards python. Still love it. You're in for a treat! My advice is to use what you learn to write scripts that help you do everyday things - scrape websites, analyse csv files, send emails etc Helped me learn about python functions, libraries and environments in practical way. Enjoy!

@deasun Good idea. As I'm also learning sysadmin related stuff I could try to make some scripts to deploy servers and stuff (I think... I'll see)

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