... btw, could you recommend me some human accounts to follow? I need some human interaction here 😁

@dredstrauss Have a look at the profile directory. You should be able to find it on the getting started page (a triple bar icon).

@dredstrauss most people here on the sub are human :) and most also great people :)

@dredstrauss What about dogs? Dogs are better than you humans anyway. :D

Hi Dred, nice too see you!

Right, time for a doggyverse 😁

... and kittyverse too, of course 😇

@fredl99 @hund Hi! I LOVE your profile pic, btw (Debian forlifeyo' 😁 )

@dredstrauss best bet is to check followers/following of a fellow human.

It gets easier once you radically blocked or silenced any bot and especially two or three bots only instance from your global timeline.

@dredstrauss I'm human! 🙋‍♂️

But you should only follow me if you like what I post about.

@dredstrauss One of the great things about Fosstodon is everyone either has really neat projects they work on or know of them.

As a dev for it, I have to plug
Hard scifi educational game showing what life on a mid future Moon colony would be like.

Also you can check other peoples follows I think.

@Zach777 I was just noticing it. Everyone here seems to be working in something interesting. I love it

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