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@ChristiJunior @noyoushutthefuckupdad I remember back in the day you used to be able to rate your videos 5 stars with an alt and then lock future ratings

If you've never seen a flying fox eating a banana you're missing out...

Yanis Varoufakis: US new cold war on China is a clear and present threat to humanity

@codeHaiku I'm not super amazing with Vim but earlier this year I decided to do vimtutor everyday for 10 days and now I'm reasonably proficient at it.

From 2013 until 2020, the Dutch government operated SyRI, a social credit system.

A judge shut it down, because it was an unlawful breach of privacy.

This year, without making a lot of noise, they rebuilt it, but bigger.

A legal expert:
"It's even bigger, actually a kind of super-SyRI. Especially since commercial parties can also share in that data."
(machine translated bit fta)

Many are using Keybase to prove their identity across various services. However, it is by far not the best choice for this:

• it tries to get hold of your private OpenPGP key, which is just wrong
• it was acquired by Zoom in 2020 and hasn’t posted updates ever since
• it doesn’t have proofs for Gitea, IRC, XMPP, and other fedi services
• its server is not open-sourced

If you don’t use Keybase for their messengers, file storage or Stellar, don’t use it at all! Check next toot for an alternative

I use Keyoxide, developed by @yarmo.

• it’s fully open-source and can be self-hosted
• it relies on already existent OpenPGP identity proofs via notations — your identities never leave your OpenPGP key
• as such, one doesn’t need an account
• one can verify XMPP, IRC, Mastodon, Pleroma, Owncast, etc. New proofs are easy to implement

My favourite feature is the ability to use WKD to be able to use email addresses instead of fingerprints, like

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"Yeah, knowing this fact definitely makes me feel better about my CSS skills"

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"Made me laugh (seen in Futurama S01E03, around 11:35)"

submitted by bodebodo

E-words you should hate (and why): When you say "experiences" you sound like a tw*t.

Just saw this here while I was browsing the web, and yesterday I was reading the FSF[1] article about that and also the defective by design[2] website too 😅, looks like a little devil trying to convince me to use


I have offered small bounties for packaging certain open-source apps for easy, one-click deployment on CapRover:

RT please?

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