Just installed the renewed SSL cert, a few hours late. Sorry if you got caught by that!

Milestone: 750 registered users. Next stop, 1000!

Funny sequence of events that occasionally happens when production Django sites get run in debug mode:

1. Unsuspecting user goes to site, gets error page.
2. Only thing that looks clickable on page is "Switch to copy-and-paste view", so they click it.
3. Now there's a button, "Share this traceback on a public website", so they click that.
4. Now they've created an item on dpaste.com and they're like "WHAT IS HAPPENING?!"

Speaking of registered users, here are the top ten syntaxes that registered users choose for "Default syntax":


As of today, the site has 600 registered users. Thanks to all for choosing dpaste!

Our domain registrar seems to be having intermittent DNS problems today. Apologies to anyone who has found the site unreachable as a result.

The site is now running on Django 3. No user-facing changes, just staying current. Enjoy!

Reminder: There will be approximately 20 minutes of server downtime starting at 7:00AM UTC, It is currently 1:50AM UTC.

Advance notice of scheduled downtime: A scheduled server upgrade will cause dpaste.com to be unavailable for approximately 20 minutes starting Thursday 2021-03-11 at 07:00 AM UTC.

These countries currently have active dpaste users, _and_ have zero entries on the TOS-violators blocklist. Thanks, good guys!

Benin, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cameroon, Cayman Islands, Cuba, Egypt, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guatemala, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Mauritius, Montenegro, Puerto Rico, Slovenia, Sri Lanka, Syria, Tajikistan, Togo, Uganda, Uzbekistan, and Zimbabwe!

The style-preference feature is now live. See the choices in the style gallery: dpaste.com/styles

(Feel free to bookmark that as a general purpose Pygments style reference; good ones are not easy to find.)

Soon, registered users will be able to change the color theme for all pastes they look at.

Feature update: There's now a single interface for changing syntax, expiry, or title of existing items. Get to it via the new "Edit Properties" button.

New feature: Markdown and reStructuredText items (posted by registered users) have a "Preview" button to show them in rendered HTML form. E.g. dpaste.com/2SMEV9JDB.html

Counts for the top ten errors shared from the debug view to dpaste.com, 2021-02-02 to 2021-02-12:

2063 DisallowedHost
154 OperationalError
133 ValueError
123 DoesNotExist
121 ImproperlyConfigured
113 TemplateDoesNotExist
105 TypeError
105 AttributeError
54 ProgrammingError
52 KeyError

Today the site hit 500 registered users! To celebrate, here's a soft-launched present for all registered users: any Markdown or reStructuredText items you post can be rendered as HTML by adding ".html" to the URL.

Cool, thanks for voting. Python has been added and more are on the way.

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