@totoroot I've tried looking for it but I haven't found anything legal.

@totoroot in that case I understood everything correctly. Thanks!

@totoroot Something I just thought:
Can my vps provider see my traffic?
I would guess not, since nextcloud uses https and everything else should be coverd by wireguard.

Do you know anything about that?

Subsonic looks interesting. I think I put my music into Nextcloud and try that

@rudolf I'll still have a look at it, sounds like a good way to discover new music

@rudolf I'm looking for a static library. I still have a lot of CD's and I'll start buying my most common Spotify stuff as well.

I love having my playlists.

On another note, I want to leave Spotify. What are some good music players for Linux, Windows and Android?

I guess for PC I'm gonna use vlc.

I remember using Poweramp many years ago. Is there anything better?

@totoroot Right know it also serves a static website with almost no traffic.

I may start my Minecraft server in the near future. I'll have to watch the performance.

I've got nextcloud set up on a local pi. Its connected via wireguard to my vps which redirects my domain towards it.

What security measures are recommended?
I have ufw on both devices. My pi only accepts ssh from a local PC.
I installed fail2ban on my vps.

Is there anything I am missing?

@sotolf thats true. The internet just makes everything so much more visible.

@edgren I just got the exact same mail. Good reminder to delete everything

@giantspacesquid don't worry. Sometimes I have bad days, but most of the times a good night of sleep is enough

Today is one of those days where I just can't.
Why do we exist

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