Its sad that Sci-Hub may be gone soon :(

My university does not provide a lot of access to articles and writing papers and doing research is almost impossible without it.

@doomedkangaroo just let us know the DOI of the papers you need. People will help you get a copy.

@doomedkangaroo Sci-Hub looks for help.
they divided all the data in about 100Gb torrent blocks and call for people that can preserve and seed them.
the torrents are here:…
the torrents health table is here:…
@doomedkangaroo spread the information for more people to be be involved in saving Sci-Hub. some people run large storage online and could host the whole collection. it's 77TB total size.

@iron_bug i guess I'd need a VPN. Germany is pretty strict with that

@doomedkangaroo VPN is the only way to use network in our country :)
well, you can simply use friGate extension for many browsers. maybe other VPN tools exist.
@doomedkangaroo and yes, sci-hub mirror is just in case they block it.
@doomedkangaroo welcome to cyberpunk world where knowledge and science are under censure.
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