What is your opinion on Nova Launcher for android?

@doomedkangaroo I used the Nova launcher for a while in the past, but wasn't happy with it (don't remember why). Now I use KISS Launcher - it's nice one, however if someone have any recommendation for other (needs to be open source), let me now!

@arek as far as I know Nova is not open source, thats why I am sceptical about changing to it.

@arek Exactly. I installed their OS on my phone a while ago. Its pretty good so far. I've got nothing to complain about

@arek Just installed KISS and will try it out for a while. Looks good so far. I really like the search function

@doomedkangaroo Yeah, I like the search too. KISS is kinda minimalistic, but still powerful :blobcatcookienom:
Oh, I just reminded Nokia's Z Luncher - that was such a nice launcher! You could search by "drawing" a letters instead of typing

@arek that sounds absolutely great. I was able to type blind on my phone 6 years ago. Nowadays I am an absolutely terrible typer on my phone. Mistakes in every word :(

@doomedkangaroo Your keyboard doesn't fix the typos or suggest the correct words?

@XxAlexXx @doomedkangaroo Yeah, maybe. What are the additional features I can get for the payed version?

@arek @doomedkangaroo You can use special gestures to open apps or do some action

@arek it looks like gestures for KISS don't work on my phone :/

@doomedkangaroo Yeah, gestures are a little bit not working :/ I mean for me they sometimes works, sometimes doesn't (and I have to do the gestures on the not scrollable list - the bottom dock and search bar)

@doomedkangaroo Its not on fdroid. I like using the stock google pixel launcher so that is what I use.

@doomedkangaroo I used it before and I remembered liking it having similar feeling to One UI. Though, I didn't use it at the end of the day because I find One UI better with more options to organize your apps in the app grid whereas Nova doesn't.

My conclusion is Nova is a simpler version of One UI. If that's your thing then go ahead.

@foo_dogsquared @doomedkangaroo Nova launcher has awesome features if you pay it. I downloaded a cracked version and now I can do swipe task, custom tabs, folders and all that Jizz.

@XxAlexXx oh. I think they increased it recently. It was 7.1 before.

@XxAlexXx I see that 7.1 was never supported. BTW which version do you use?

@surendrajat If I did,I would have already done. Sadly no. You know how manufactor for mid end hardware goes, one year and poof. No update

@XxAlexXx yeah same here. Can't even unlock bootloader. I however got an update recently.

@surendrajat Dame, lucky. Must be the new samsung policy for 3 yrs software update

@XxAlexXx It's oppo. Thankfully they also provide updates for 2 years

@doomedkangaroo It's the best android launcher app for me and one of the few I'm happy about buying prime version.
However, I decided to delete my Google payment profile and Nova is also not open source, so I now use Omega. It's a young project and under heavy development, but it works for me.

@surendrajat I'll have a look at this after trying out KISS for a week or so

@doomedkangaroo I have used it years ago, but am using Lawnchair 2 today. Reason: Lawnchair are open sourced.

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