What are some essential people to follow on here?

@doomedkangaroo To be honest? Just read along the local feed, and sub to people who post things you like, the local feed here isn't too wild, so you'll figure it out pretty fast :)

@sotolf @doomedkangaroo
That is exactly how I did it.
Those I follow might be of no interest to you. Fully reading local now and then will also help you catch newbies.

@sotolf @doomedkangaroo I do follow some folks but to be honest the toot quality is generally so high that I find it easier to just mute the few folks who lower my signal to noise ratio and then just read the local feed.

@doomedkangaroo Well. Me, me and me!

Seriously though. Just keep an eye on the local timeline and you'll find some awesome people!

@doomedkangaroo just keep following at least Kev, Mike and Cooper

@arran @evandornbusch i followed him like 2 hours ago :D
thanks for the recommendation 🥰

@doomedkangaroo Do you have any recommendations for me? I just signed up ~24 hours ago.

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