Time to cawfee.club? Its admin has a fucking sonnenrad (the "black sun", a Nazi symbol) in this pinned post.

Definitely blocking this clown myself and their instance, but this is what I get for looking around the Federated feed.


Is there a markdown editor that I can run on my server to edit files on the go?

I went out for the first time since beginning of Corona. My ears are rinning. But I'm so happy. It's has been so long

@Huggles hey there, I haven't read you in a while. Hope you are doing okay :)

I started playing my first Legend of Zelda game a few months ago. Now I continued playing. I am absolutely lost

Would it be feasible to run the mnist set on a raspberry pi zero w?

The first prototype of my tricorder is done! Given that I have not worked a lot with cpp and arduino, I'm pretty proud. Still, there will need to be a second version


Okay, so it looks like multiplexes one ADC. I need to make sure that I do not poll the potentiometer to often... Right now its happening in a second thread every 20ms. So that needs to change

Okay, so I have a weird issue with an ESP32.

I am using an MQ135 and a few different other sensors. The one that is active is selected with a potentiometer.
The value given by the potentiometer is mapped to the module numbers. So when I turn the potentiometer all the way to one end, I get normal ppm readings. WhenI turn the potentiometer a bit backwards, I get much lower/wrong readings. The mapped result is still the same.

Can the input of the potentiometer have an influence on other pins?

Whats the current status of the StopCovid/Tousanticovid app in france?

Last I heard, google/apple refused to allow background access to the bluetooth modules. Is there any update on this topic? I can't seem to find anything.

Is it necessary to keep the app running at all times?

Where can I order low quantity custom PCBs in Germany? I need a maximum of 5.

Cmon, I want my sensors! Sometimes waiting is hell.

I'm planning to build a Star Trek like Tricorder. It's intended to be used in "missions" which teach children physics/chemistry/biology lessons in a fun way.

What are some key features/sensors that need to be included?


So it's been 10 days since my infection. I haven't left my room (except for the bathroom with lots of disinfectants).

Nobody else caught it yet, but I still test positive :(

Shit, covid got me. If my gf catches it, she need's to repeat a whole semester. What do I do?

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