Today is one of those days where I just can't.
Why do we exist

Ok, guys, let's see what are you up to.

Given the following options, coding in what language would you like to spend a day?

P.S.: You know how it works -- boost to get a better results.

Its sad that Sci-Hub may be gone soon :(

My university does not provide a lot of access to articles and writing papers and doing research is almost impossible without it.

I just looked at Aether. God damn, what a cesspool. There are so many conspiracy theories on there.

What is your opinion on Nova Launcher for android?

Listening to the lecture 'embedded systems' after listening to all 'advanced' embedded system lectures is kinda strange.

Why didn't I do this earlier.

I'm trying to leave all google services.

The only one left for me is google photos.

I'm considering Nextcloud for storage but how do I organize it?
Google has so many features

I think I finally fixed my ender 3. In the end it was just the spring on the extruder arm not being tight enough .

Why did I check this last?


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