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I am, first and foremost, and forever, an advocate for children. So basically if you, to this day, think our gun laws (and societal norms) are fine, get the hell away from me.

I do not recognize your right to own dangerous weapons over children's right to live.

Ever heard of uBlock Origin? It’s an efficient ad, tracker & malware blocker for various browsers ! And of course, it’s FOSS. Many thanks to Raymond Hill, founder & original author of uBlock !


The Register - an amusing article:

Sick of Windows but can't afford a Mac? Consult our cynic's guide to desktop Linux
For your consideration: A reasonable list of the least bad distros


Hashtag trending? Neat.

is easily one of the most amazing pieces of I've ever used. Ever since I began using GNU/Linux, it's one of software that I use regularly and never fails me. I wrote college papers with it, arranged my finances and budgets, and even wrote a full book with it.

Whenever I need something that I must rely on for portability, LibreOffice is a must: open standards, formats and cross-platform awesomeness that I can rely to open my files anywhere!

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I see headlines like "Worst School Massacre in 10 Years" and I wonder are USians even aware that this literally doesn't happen in most places.

I can't bring to mind a single school shooting in Ireland in my lifetime, nor do I hear of them in the UK (which has similar social problems to the US but fewer guns), nor in most European countries.

You simply wouldn't see a headline reading "Worst school shooting in X years" in most parts of the world, it's too alien.

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