After installing 's Clear Linux on my Dell Latitude 3340- i3-4005U @ 1.7Ghz / 4Gb RAM / 250Gb SSD

@donteaford It says you have 2 packages?! How?
Is it super speedy?

@cavaliertusky 2 packages installed, yes thats correct. if you look at it closely it says the following: "Packages: 2 (rpm)". As for speed, yes it is somewhat faster. I think I was hoping for more than what it is, however I do notice that when I am running alot of processes simultaneously that it does'nt lag like it used to at times and the shell is extremly responsive always.

@donteaford Why does it just say the RPM ones? I did see that they are RPM, what other packages are on there? What pkg manager does clear use?

@donteaford I've wanted to try for a while, any noteworthy differences with other distros?

@lopeztel Looks wise, its just a regular Gnome shell, however the package manager is very different and very fast. Natively for the shell you use HOWEVER AND are both installed as well if you select the shells bundle at install. So far, I kinda like it, but its only been a time.. As I play with it more I will definitely share what I find!

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