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Hey #Fediverse! Like so many other #FreeSoftware projects, keeping #FDroid up and running is a community effort. Have you ever contributed to any #FLOSS Project?

Oops, forgot to change the version code! That means F-Droid has a slight delay with the new update.

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I'm having some busy weeks with full-time work, so had a bit less time to create & maintain Arcticons.

Anyways, I've managed to create a little update with help from all the contributors, with 38 new icons and 1900 in total! 🎉

Out now on GitHub
F-Droid 🔜

Working on a build in icon request feature for Arcticons, it's still not working properly, but I'm slowly getting there.

(Also maybe a light theme)

Trying to learn kotlin & android studio, it's an absolute nightmare for me.
Where should I start with learning?

Arcticons 1.6.6 is out now with 60 new icons and 1800* in total 🔥

Getting closer to the 2000 icons every day :)

Out now on GitHub
F-Droid 🔜

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Today I made a PR with 10 more icons for icon pack, here are some of them!

The new Firefox looks really slick, I dig it. 🔥
The quantum design started to age after four years, I also think it's way friendlier for new and casual users that are comimg from chrome.

Another release of Arcticons with 33 more icons and 1 updated one!

Available from GitHub and F-droid (soon)

Had some trouble with my gradle settings & android studio again, so it took a while to build :S

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A brand-new release for Arcticons with 43 new icons, 2 updated ones and some tweaks to the menu.

Now available from GitHub and probably on F-Droid in a few days :)

Just released a small update for Arcticons with 50 new icons. (also with some help from @greenpete )

Available on F-Droid in a few days!

Created this isometric version of the @fdroidorg icon for fun last month. Also made a sad 404 one for some reason.


Just released Arcticons 1.6.0 on GitHub! This release has many icon changes to make it more consistent, there are some new icons and some other small changes. It should be on F-droid later this week :^)

This update was a lot of work, revisiting old icons & stuff, but I'm happy with the result.

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