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One year ago, I released the first version of Arcticons, to celebrate I've made this little animation. There's also a new release later today!

Thanks everyone <3

Switching between a Windows pc and a mac is driving me insane, who thought it would be a good idea to switch the alt and cmd key aaaa

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Just created a monochrome icon for @fdroidorg that should work with the Material You Themed icon setting on.

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Current home screen on my new Nokia XR20.

The sensors are of course disabled via developer options.

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🍪Following a first batch of complaints in May 2021, we filed the final round of "One Trust" complaints today. Despite receiving a step-by-step guide on how to be GDPR compliant, 226 websites still used deceptive designs and unlawful cookie banners:

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@threemaapp could you please slightly rephrase to something like "Threema Libre is available exclusively via OUR F-Droid REPO"? People might get the impression we (F-Droid) maintain it (seems like some of our team already had that encounter, and even Heise took that, see ("Android-User finden sie im alternativen App-Store F-Droid."). Thanks!

The first week of my new job was pretty nice, created some visuals for a cool project (something with trains). The long travel times are pretty tiring, tho.

I bought two yubikeys, I hope that this makes some parts of my online security easier and safer :-)

Ok I messed up my Arcticons GitHub page, and am in a bit of panic...

I tried to mirror it to codeberg, but did it the wrong way around, and I can't find a way to undo it...

A random thing I did today: My work mail (and Arcticons mail) is now going through Proton Mail, so that's cool.
It was kinda wonky so setup tho because the DNS settings from my host were pretty vague.

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Arcticons is the only icon pack I know that have all my open source apps covered. Thank you and all the contributors!

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Graphic design quickly became a great hobby for me since I started contributing to Arcticons, and I have been able to contribute to other projects too, but it still feels wrong when I make money out of it

I got an update on this, it wasn't really clear from the screenshots (because they're always very vague)... But it was the rate/ review button linking to the Dark store page 🙃

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Thanks, google for rejecting my Arcticons update again... because it has disruptive ads (what?! The app is ad-free...)

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