I usually customize my terminal command PS1 as what or style if it is not.

Well, this depends on the working environment though.

What's your favorite terminal command ?

之前就在想我們的新聞媒體為什麼沒有提供 加密公鑰的電子郵件信箱讓深喉嚨、吹哨者更放心爆料。

現在 的使用越來越容易,幾個月前 的免費 電子郵件軟體就內建了 功能,除了原本的 還加上了 。使用起來超方便。

如果爆料者要更匿名也可以使用 Browser 連上 的電子郵件服務,其也是使用 的 加密技術。

新聞媒體只要公開一個 公鑰及對應的 位址就可以了。

Just used the Structure Block to save a Pillager Outpost and load it to a new place in my world of for windows 10. But there are no pillagers spawned.

Maybe I should copy deeper into underground in case there is something such as Monster Spawner in the deeper layer.

Mmm, when I edit my profile, I have empty "featured hashtag" to select. Is that correct ? I'm new user to fosstodon.

When I manually add some popular hashtags, it showed "there is nothing here" and "0".

Interesting. It seems that I don't understand this system at all.


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