My current build of dwm is perfection and working so nicely with polybar.

I don't see myself using anything else for a long while.

I found out why you won't play nice vanitygaps. Now we can be friends.

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vanitygaps patch, why won't you play nice. Why?

Mourning Beloveth.

High quality Death Doom Metal. Rust & Bone, their last album, is just a masterpiece.

dwm as usual, polybar with the soothing sounds of Winterfylleth playing in my ears.

I fucking love Winterfylleth but when ever I put them on I get the urge to stop and move to the Ulver Black Metal Trilogie....not sure why.

I love both bands, maybe I get a massive Ulver vibe and that's what gets me going?

Some dwm goodness. I seem to have lost my mind and added some colour to Polybar. For those who know me, you'll know this is unusual as I normally am relatively monochromatic in this sort of thing. A minor thing to most but quite a change for myself. Still not 100% sure I like the colours.

So far so good. I have moved 6 of my family over to wire. Approx 8 to go. These will be the hard ones to move. For some reason they have no issue with the WhatsApp changes.

I fucking hate how fickle fonts are in polybar etc. I did a reinstall and the font awesome fonts that displayed no robs last time are no where to be found on the new install. Yes, I have them installed. So fucking frustrating.
It's been a day for it mind you.

Imperial Triumphant, so bloody addictive. What a great band

I want a new PC chassis. I don't want RGB just a nice looking chassis.

I'm going to install Void later on this afternoon.

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#qutebrowser finally has a ABP-style adblocker, based on the #rust adblocking library by Brave! Thanks to Árni Dagur for all the hard work on implementing this, a big effort started in March - now finally merged. 🎉 "adblock" on PyPI is usable for other #Python projects too!

Why does rebuilding a PC have to be so difficult?

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