@distrotube this video transmits the false sense of choice in the browser market.

It's a top 5 but 3 of then are chromium (yes, QtWebEngine is chromium) and 2 of them are Firefox.

I consider harmful giving a false sensation of choice when the market is a oligopoly. The lamentable situation with the web should be talked about more.

"Open source" matters very little when the only entity which can afford maintaining the huge codebase is a mega corporation with profits of billions.

@distrotube @werwolf I was wondering, what if, theoretically, google dropped chromium or announced that it would become proprietary, would the community be able to maintain it? I mean it's a huge project but considering its importance and that there are other big foss projects I really have no clue

@distrotube @werwolf maybe it would work if it was backed by a foss foundation or something

@phoeniqz @distrotube @werwolf
we would require a mozilla sized entity to maintain a independent fork of chromium if that happens even though it is extremely unlikely.

@phoeniqz @werwolf @distrotube
I think microsoft might have a incentive to finally get their IE days back by maintaining it lol (hopefully it never happens)

@phoeniqz @werwolf @distrotube
I mean they were considering dropping bing for google in edge idk if they will consider investing in free real estate of the chaos that happens when google chrome is discontinued in this hypothetical situation but it does seem likely...

@distrotube @FallCheetah7373 @werwolf or microsoft forks chromium, maintains it for edge, of course makes it proprietary and sells licenses to other software companies that make browsers

@phoeniqz @distrotube @werwolf
yeah that seems more in style of microsoft's way of doing things as in IE xD

@distrotube I just learned about Tabliss and I love it already!

Add this Custom CSS and change your Quick Links' icons to "Website Icon". It will make them all white, kinda like symbolic icons. Much better!

.Dashboard .Links i img {
filter: invert(100%) sepia(100%) grayscale(100%) brightness(250%);

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