@hurtado Cool! I've only dabbled a bit myself. Played a bit of Persona 3, been playing some Devil Survivor recently.

@hurtado Thought it looked like a Shin Megami Tensei game! Played much in the franchise?

@PurpleBooth Yeah if so many of these adtech companies are gonna track the crap out of you we could at least use all that surveillance to make a good recommendation of what number to call. Reducing the UX friction in there could literally save lives.

@nuked And yeah, for that reason, a federated version of the workflow that people know, the web-console of PRs, would make a lot of sense. Since MOST projects don't even know you can do this.

@nuked So interestingly git was designed decentralized (thus a DVCS) and with the intent for changes to be shared via email. There's a guide about how to do so here: git-send-email.io/ and it's the approach that sourcehut.org/ encourages. But the experience of learning how to do this is not obvious (it's git, duh) and so if the project creator doesn't support you using this workflow, then yeah, you have to sign up.

It uses your browser's local storage to remember the servers you've added. So you can pin the tab and keep using it without needing an account or anything like that.

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Hey Mastodon. Today I made a simple little page for combing the public local feeds from multiple mastodon servers into one page: mosfetarium.com/fediplex/ It's quite simple, and limited (no in-line media previews), but maybe other people will find this useful.

@efftoyz I made this as a little proof of concept: mosfetarium.com/fediplex/ It's limited, but proves the idea. Uses browser localstorage to remember what instances you've picked. Only works for instances with public local timelines. Have to click through to the original status to reply/see media.

@arran It's definitely a mistake I think I make, of forgetting to ask "What's the reader's perspective of this? What do they care about?" It's hard because obviously we live inside our own heads and see the meanings we already know. And no worries, I hope my feedback felt worthwhile.

@arran Here's a thought that is as much for me as it is for you, because I didn't think about this until reading your post. I think as blog post writers, maybe we should ask "Where is the reader's self-interest in what I've written?" In this case, I feel like the interesting part was the idea of being able to set up https commands to manage my server, which is a point that I sort of had to pick out of your writing rather than the explicit point of it. Thanks for introducing me to webook!

@efftoyz I have been thinking about this too. There's a mastodon ticket about following multiple local timelines, but I haven't soon movement on it. I'm tempted to either make a client to do it, or to look into making a PR. However that doesn't solve the entire problem! It'd be neat to be able to post to other "local timelines" without having a separate account! I think fediverse design didn't anticipate this dynamic so well.

@pbanks Vultr seems like pretty good value. I'm using neocities to host my main site at the moment because I just really like what the site is about. And Ib seems neat! I use a script based on github.com/sunainapai/makesite which is a similar idea: "incredibly simple python script that spits out static html/css" Content is generally markdown files. I like the lightweight website thing, and a script that I can understand completely.

@pbanks Cool! Give me a ping when it goes up :). Yeah I only recently got mine sorted. It's still early days but I'm hoping to fill it with strange tech things, opinion blogs, weird game dev stuff. What are you making your site with?

@pbanks Welcome! What's the website for? Just a personal one?

@ssafar I left that job recently. Java is definitely in that clump of "comfortable and fine" languages but I believe though that some languages offer real advantages for certain use cases (you may have read paulgraham.com/avg.html before) and so whilst Java is fine I don't think its one of those languages that offers a compelling advantage other than maybe large existing talent pool.

@ssafar Okay. Frida seems really interesting! Thanks for introducing it, and also thanks for answering my questions! It was interesting. It does highlight that most IDEs provide fairly useful default behaviour, but ironically like, no focus on say using a REPL to take bits of its functionality and do some specific behaviour in bulk.

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