The modern web standard has definitely ballooned into something kind of insane *but* it does allow for amusing CSS touches on blogposting. Clearly all was worth it.

Today I started playing "Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective - The Baker Street Irregulars" an investigation board game in series of "10 mysteries in a box" Sherlock Holmes games. It's quite a respected game, and what I'm enjoying about it so far is just how simple the mechanics design is. A number of different games have tried to adapt investigation in their own ways. And this game is simpler and yet more effective than most (cont)

Click for crab 🦀 and nature adventures. 

Recently I was talking to my girlfriend about how there was a rocky beach near my childhood home and we used to go and find crabs there. I wondered if you still could. The very next weekend we drove there and sure enough, two decades later I could remember how to find a crab. Knowing random little ways you can go observe local nature like this is neat.

Got my site's page speed up by self-hosting some fonts (using google-webfonts-helper.herokua to help with that) and then preloading them. Feels good.


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