It uses your browser's local storage to remember the servers you've added. So you can pin the tab and keep using it without needing an account or anything like that.

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Hey Mastodon. Today I made a simple little page for combing the public local feeds from multiple mastodon servers into one page: It's quite simple, and limited (no in-line media previews), but maybe other people will find this useful.

Hey fosstodon, what are you programming at the moment?

Decided to make a blogpost of just neat games, tech, websites, I've encountered recently. I love personal sites compared to platforms, but I think to make being off platforms more viable we need to proactively share things we like more.

Hey Fosstodon, what you have you been reading recently?

I also like to word this as: "Starting with irony, ending with sincerity." Anyone who started saying things like "YOLO" as a meme should know exactly what I'm referring to.

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Got my site's page speed up by self-hosting some fonts (using google-webfonts-helper.herokua to help with that) and then preloading them. Feels good.

Hey Fosstodon. What's some of your favourite online learning resources? I'm looking for pages that are great deep dives. Any topic you feel like.

Yesterday I set up a gemini server you can play choice-driven text adventures over. I wrote a blogpost about it here: I've included the code in case anyone else wants to make their own gemini text adventures.

For the users out there: gemini:// I'll probably do some more tweaks on it tomorrow, but successful choice-driven text adventures in gemini!

Today I built a tiny NodeJS gemini server for playing choice-driven text adventures made with Ink (! Was actually *very* easy to put together. I intend to have it up for other's to play around with soon!

A lot of FOSS people can act quite anti-business (fair!) but I think the world would be better place if more community-minded people learned business. Decided to write a blogpost on the subject and I'm super interested in any thoughts:


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