I can’t think of anything more comical at the moment than the fact that North Korea is trying to ban a Korean pop group because of their rising popularity and influence in the country.

PinePhone was released, anyone know of a reputable review?

Do you browse the web with JavaScript disabled? How feasible is it before you feel you have to turn it back on to enjoy the typical content you consume?

There doesn’t seem to be a way to do polls on Amaroq but I think it’s nearly impossible these days to browse the modern web without JS due to its reliance.

EA got hacked and the vector that hackers used to get in were purchased active Slack tokens and social engineering IT help desk to provide an MFA token reset. Ouch. Imagine being the staff member who caused nearly a terabyte of game source code to be stolen and auctioned?

I’m thinking that helpful IT help desk person is now just a Slack user.

What’s the worst commercial you’ve ever seen?

I’ll start. It’s the Progressive insurance commercial where the elderly man is telling millennials how to avoid becoming their parents by teaching them how to save on home insurance and how to open a PDF and how to say the word “quinoa.”

The girls pronunciation and face when she’s trying to say it drives me bonkers.

Just realized there’s a 1986 version of The Mosquito Coast based on the novel which includes Harrison Ford!

It’s a movie not a series like the one on Apple+

Opted for this when Twitter introduced their subscription model and required a phone number.


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