Is there anyone here who uses Emacs Org Mode for writing, journaling, task management, productivity?
And is this software still great and usable for non-programmer or non-developer ?

@publicvoit regularly preaches its benefits and sometime writes about it on his blog. Also there was a video about Emacs Orgmode by @derek quite recently.
Perhaps that helps, @diosphere

@diosphere confirmed. I use it to collect my thoughts prior to putting into word, no code involved at all. See also org-roam and zettlekasten.

@diosphere I do think that Emacs + Org comes with a good out of the box experience for non-programmers, given you do come with some technical curiosity and learn a few basics of Emacs. It should be OK to use Emacs (Org) with mouse/menu but I don't think that's as much fun.
Be aware: most Org users are nerds/freaks/experts from a "normal" person's point of view - don't feel intimidated.

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