Dino 0.3 is released and supports video calls and conferences! 🥳

You can call a friend or a group of people. Calls are e2e-encrypted, peer-to-peer and compatible with other XMPP applications.

Release blog post:

@dino alright 😊👍 congrats and thank you 🎉 sounds cool. maybe add screen sharing (it it isnt already implimented)

@dino thank you for interesting facts about peat bogs I was not expecting to learn.

@dino I love a release named after a vital peat bog ecosystem. :)

@dino what's the participant limit for video and voice calls?

@zpojqwfejwfhiunz @dino The actual limit depends on the systems and networks of all participants in the call. For now we artificially limited the number of p2p participants to 5, but this number may change once we gain further practical insights.

@dino I wish I could share this, but it has an undescribed image. Could you consider adding alt text to the image so I can share it?

@weirdwriter @dino
They did non answer so, here it is: Dino logo, "Dino 0.3 Release".

Dino logo is an incredibly round dinosaur on its side (think a circle with feet, tail and spines).

@caffeine @weirdwriter @dino The Dino logo is a Dinosaur in the shape of a speech bubble. A speech bubble with legs, spikes and a tail! 🙂

@fiaxh @weirdwriter @dino
Oh right I remember that I noticed that long ago, but somehow I just think of the dinosaur now! 😄

@dino Thank you #Dino, I've been waiting for this update so long 😍

This sounds like good news! Will this release be added to Debian's bullseye-backports?

@dino Does it avoid the inflation of key pairs when used on several devices?

@holgerjakobs @dino I don't quite understand, could you please clarify your question? Are you referring to having lots of OMEMO device keys?

@fiaxh @dino Exactly. Friends of mine show up on my device (app is Conversations) with heaps of keys. The list grows with every re-install or new device, while I cannot delete old keys because I don't know which ones are out of date.
I find this very annyoing.

@holgerjakobs @dino Having one key per device is they way OMEMO works, but I understand the issue.
However, the newly added call functionality does not affect the number of OMEMO keys at all. The existing OMEMO key of your client is merely additionally used to authenticate call keys.

@dino thank you so much! I was using the previous version and #dino worked very nice.

@dino Thank you Dino team! Your efforts have benefitted XMPP greatly, and even helped out people on Windows inadvertently through the efforts of Felipe on Github! All the best to you all and thanks again!

@Phaserune @dino Well I wouldn't call it inadvertently :D We aim to release official Windows builds in the future.

@Blort @karcio @dino
I don't understand why they've left the feature/handy branch with mobile fixes sit there for months. 🙄

I'm not sure, but #postmarketOS' dino package is built with patches for mobile that may come from that branch.

@dino I tried it on my raspberypi4. With a C170 USB Webcam. ARM64. I compiled it from source. Audio/Video doesnt work.

@HoSnoopy @dino Can you please clarify what exactly "doesn't work"? Do you not get a call button or does the audio/video not work during a call? Have you installed all dependencies? (see Please feel invited to join our XMPP channel at . You probably get quicker debugging help there.

@fiaxh @dino I can see the other guy and I can hear him (he uses conversations), but from my dino nothing goes out. In the debug window 0kbps on audio and video.
All necessary packages had been installed before build.
He received silence and and a black only "video" from me.

The Dino chatroom may be a better place for debugging the building. Often its about some missing dependencys for A/V

@dino From looking at the code, it seems you use the Call Invites XEP ( This may be of interest to other people 😉
Thanks for this great software !

@nels @dino The features of "Call Invites" will be merged into "Jingle Message Initiation" (XEP-0353), see

@dino For someone whose not 100% familiar with XMPP and only has had exposure to Jabber with the Cisco Jabber software, this seems very impressive. I'm glad you're planning to create functionality for calls via a forwarding server because I agree that peer-to-peer technology does have its downsides and if we mitigate it properly with some reasonable mechanism, it can work very, very well.

@dino *refreshes :manjaro: package manager multiple times to see if the update has reached the repos yet*

@dino Thank you soooo much! And kudos for the hard work.

Do you know how to install #dino 0.3 on #linuxmint? I am stuck at 0.1. Thanks.

@dino @laivsalocin I'd try OBS for corresponding Ubuntu version. Just use your common sense and watch for conflicts / overzealous package replace.

Uhm... Libgdk-pixbuf, libnutls30, libicu67 not installable. A 1st look, and trying to install them seems to dig to much and get system unstable.

@dino @laivsalocin Oh. Sorry, knowing only that Mint is Ubuntu-based I thought that the way would be possible.
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