Video calls in Dino are slowly coming together. We are already making successful OMEMO encrypted video calls! The feature is included in our nightly builds now, but there's still further work to be done. whoa, that's really cool, but... omemo encrypted? Are they going to be compatible with conversations?

@blue @dino of course they are compatible with Conversations. Also we can do DTLS encrypted calls with Movim and Siskin. And for legacy clients like Gajim or Empathy we even support calls without encryption.

@dino thank you for your hard work

I'm waiting to test it in my Dino in my Mint

@dino and its promoted in my first exhibition since end of august 2020 in berlin / germany

@Dino been using it on laptop for few weeks now. Absolutelly awesome and had zero issues so far. I should test it on pinephone.

Thanks a lot for all the hard work!

@dino How might one expose the controls for video calling? Do they show up simply when the other side is compatible with the protocol?

@dino Disregard, figured it out. Turns out the system I was on didn't show anything because the camera was not exposed on the system.
@dino Just want to add that I have tried it now with several accounts and it seems to be working near flawless with audio calls, but I have not yet been able to get a video call to finish connecting.


Nice !! I'm glad to have contributed a bit through Liberapay.

I works nicely 😍 (debian 11<->Conversations on LAN and 4G)

can we hope to see cross-platform iterations of this app or are you committed to remaining on Linux distros only?

@dino @amaroq There is an open ticket:…
In short, maintainers "want to provide a well working Dino build, and not some "mostly ok-ish" version", so no official release until current problems are solved.

But -- there's unofficial build mentioned in ticket discussion: (last release dated Jul 31, though).
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