Dino 0.2 is out!

Dino is a privacy-friendly messaging application. The 0.2 release adds message correction, improves the file upload functionality and provides more information on encryption.

Release blog post:

Nice work! Thanks for coding such a nice Linux XMPP client 🤘

@dino cool, very much looking forward to it! Will you update the repository for those who installed Dino in Ubuntu 20.04 via apt?

@heurekus I assume that you are referring to the dino-im package in the official main Ubuntu 20.04 repository? We can't control whether that repository will get Dino updates; the repository is controlled by the Ubuntu maintainers.
But we certainly hope that the Ubuntu maintainers will update their Dino package!

@fiaxh that sounds like I will have to switch to the PPA soon :-)

@dino Thanks a lot for creating my favorite XMPP desktop client ❤️

Name another one that
- respects your freedom and privacy
- is not a walled garden
- uses an open protocol standardized by a recognized standards organisation
- provides a great user experience.

There aren't that many that fulfill all of these properties.

@dino this is great! I think I already have some of the features because my version is built from source from the AUR (Manjaro). But it's good to see the changes officially going live 🎉 🎉

@dino nice! For audio, do you accept patches for FreeBSD OSS sound driver?

@dino Nice! The only thing that's still better in Gajim from a XFCE user perspective is systray/background support. I don't always want the window open or in my panel. These issues also have a lot of upvotes BTW 😜

@dino Is Dino's GUI written so that it would scale on a Linux mobile device like the PinePhone? #XMPP

Is there any way to minimise dino-im to the tray?
Apart from that, it is a really user friendly program! Keep up the good work!

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