An emoji picker is now reachable via a button located next to the message input field. GTK also offers the shortcut CTRL+. to open an emoji picker.

@dino While I of course applaud all contributions to Dino, I'm wondering if there aren't more crucial issues to work on.
F.e. a message queue for pending messages. Right now when I start Dino and I'm receiving messages, all messages I send within the first minute or two are lost and Dino indicates them as successful.
Also an read indicator would be a very useful feature :)

@stevenroose @dino dino has read indicators... little two ticks over the message...

@jr @dino Ah really? Those are read indicators? Nice! Didn't know, thought those were server-delivery notifications. They don't work in group chat, though..

@stevenroose @dino yeah they are read indicators... one ticks means send and two means read... but yeah they do not work in MUCs...

@dino thank you and indeed if I send a message while being offline (no internet connection), it is lost

@dino The #Dino version with emoji picker is already in #Debian unstable (sid).
apt install dino-im

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