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You could say I've been busy. πŸ˜… Most of this was just in the last couple weeks.

I've just released a new minor version of Project: Starfighter:

This release fixes a bug with controllers that have analog triggers (like the Xbox 360 controller for instance) and enables proper analog control rather than the digital conversions it previously used.

It just occurs to me that I should write an here too!

I'm diligentcircle, also known as onpon4. I'm a FLOSS ; I have various personal projects, like Hexoshi and ReTux, plus I'm the maintainer of Project: Starfighter and a contributor to Naev, among other things. Exclusive user.

I'll be using this account just for posting stuff about my game development efforts. I've also got a main account for more personal and political type stuff:


Hello! πŸ‘‹πŸ˜„


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