Another bugfix release for Project: Starfighter has come out, this time a small one. You can find the new release here:

ReTux has received a pretty substantial upgrade today with the release of version 1.4. ReTux is a libre open source platformer, loosely inspired by the Mario games, re-using the assets of the SuperTux project (chiefly from Milestone 1.9 and thereabouts), but otherwise unrelated, with its own unique engine. This update is the first in 3 years and improves both the gameplay and the engine. Announcement:

In addition to the SGE itself, the set of extensions has received a boost, too. Version 1.2 of xsge_gui has been released, and a brand new xSGE module called xsge_tiled, designed to easily import tile maps created with the Tiled Map Editor as levels and such, has been released. Well, it's not entirely brand new; it's based on the old, now orphaned xsge_tmx, but uses the JSON format of Tiled rather than TMX. Announcement:

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The Seclusion Game Engine received an upgrade today with the release of SGE 1.7. Announcement:

The SGE is a libre open source game engine. It's written in Python and designed to be simple to use, but reasonably powerful. While not as powerful as something like Godot Engine, it has pretty good capability for 2-D game development, making most tasks a 2-D game would want to do nice and easy. It's what we use in our own games. 馃檪

We've made a few releases today. This is an amount of information that isn't easy to cram into a 500 character toot, so I'll be making a separate toot for each one. Hopefully it doesn't blow up your feed. 馃槄

I've updated our Libre Game Recommendations page:

This is a page which is designed to curate and list good-quality libre open source games. It includes both original games and clones, with an emphasis on listing only games that are high-quality and "complete".


We've decided to create a Discord server for talking about the work we do, like Project: Starfighter. Link here:

If you have interest in Project: Starfighter, Hexoshi, ReTux, or any of the other work we do, feel free to join!

We've just released another update to Project: Starfigher, fixing a couple regressions introduced by version 2.2.1 and also adding in a feature to control how fast dialog boxes go by! Info about the release, as well as download links, can be found here:

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You could say I've been busy. 馃槄 Most of this was just in the last couple weeks.

I've just released a new minor version of Project: Starfighter:

This release fixes a bug with controllers that have analog triggers (like the Xbox 360 controller for instance) and enables proper analog control rather than the digital conversions it previously used.

It just occurs to me that I should write an here too!

I'm diligentcircle, also known as onpon4. I'm a FLOSS ; I have various personal projects, like Hexoshi and ReTux, plus I'm the maintainer of Project: Starfighter and a contributor to Naev, among other things. Exclusive user.

I'll be using this account just for posting stuff about my game development efforts. I've also got a main account for more personal and political type stuff:

Hello! 馃憢馃槃


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