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Now that we all are going remote, I've started to compile a guide to FOSS tools that could be useful for distance learning (from the "teacher" pow) jgbarah.github.io/Notes/foss-d Feedback & contributions welcome! #freesoftware

I really wish hardening security on my phone, laptop, and home network wasn't something I needed a consultant or degree to accomplish.

here's an actual "track" made from three different layers of the pretty much same thing above (Lorenz attractor driving intervals/melody and durations)

learning a lot as I'm more and more comfortable with this amazing language.

I'm looking to creating a git commit over the old code on my gitea instance.


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I don't think supports static pages but would like to know their plans about that.

If you love freedom and free software, don't keep the freedom to yourself.

Talk, advocate, share, code!

Together we can take back what is ours, strive for our freedom, strive for our rights!

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To fight for human rights online means to fight for privacy, education, equality, it means to protect the vulnerable.

Meaning this is not an individual struggle for digital freedom, we don't win by installing FOSS apps, we win by making sure other people can use their devices and apps without having their rights crushed!

We may start by installing alternative software, but only when we advocate and fight for all software to respect basic human decency that we are on the right track.

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If we begin by evaluating what we all want and would benefit from we can solve online privacy and other related issues of the information age.

If we start by looking at an already popular and accepted framework like human rights we can see how violations of human rights are unfair BOTH online and offline.

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Look, privacy is a big issue ... we know that. But what the privacy movement has not achieved is scale. We think that a focus on privacy by itself is not persuasive for non technical folks.

To arrive at digital justice and privacy we don't start by making people paranoid of tech, we start on the foundation of why we want privacy in the first place: because it's fair and just.

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Hello! I'm Alex from the Digital Rights project! We strive to create consciousness about the issues of the digital age within the framework of human rights.

We talk about tech, design and its impact on our world.


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