Just discovered @penpot thanks to @aral ...

Looks interesting but I hear you must have a #google account ?

@hyde @penpot Nope, you can sign up with your email address but, sadly, login with surveillance capitalist Google is also an option.


@aral @penpot
And, when installed locally do you need to login too ?

@hyde @aral Hi! The email (of any kind) will be asked only in order to enjoy Penpot on the cloud. Private instances just require basic Docker knowledge. You can run your own Penpot server following these instructions:

@penpot @hyde @aral For what it's worth, I ran a previous version of Penpot in a rootless Podman instance (in my user account) and it seemed to work fine for everything I did.

I should probably try this again, especially since there's import/export now.

(I generally use the hosted version, and it's wonderful. The local version is exactly the same UI as you'd get once you're logged in, of course.)

@penpot @hyde @aral And it'd be really cool to have a Flatpak with the server and a web browser baked in.

(It could be WebKit, which is what we're doing with Cockpit at the moment or even a tweaked version of Electron. Once we have it figured out for Cockpit Remote / Cockpit Client (still need to settle on a name for a desktop login experience to remote servers over SSH), it might help serve as some inspiration.)

So a fully self-contained Penpot app with a server and UI, in other words.


.. and other people mean "standalone app like classical rpm/deb or exe installers" so I can use Penpot truly locally, as I use other desktop-style apps that don't need an external server. The fact that is client-server is transparent to the user". This latter approach is very interesting for single-user cases. Right now, at least for the core team at Penpot we are giving priority to processes and features meant to better address real-time collaboration and teamwork.

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