Hello! I forgot to make a proper I've been enjoying and advocating FOSS since 1996. From hacktivism to making a living, from contributing to actually creating new exciting FOSS products. Also, love archery, RPGs, books and to travel. And mead, I brew my own mead. Bliss!

@diacritica welcome! you'll feel right at home! I've been hearing this term quite often while playing but I have no idea what mead is or how it is made 😂 it's not very common where I come from

@lopeztel Mead is an alcoholic beverage made of honey. You used water and yeast to ferment it and end up with a very nice drink, sometimes sweet, sometimes dry, but always with a powerful flavour. You can try to make it at home!

@braunne Thanks! I actually translated many FSF & GNU docs to Spanish back in 1997-1999, always a nice read though!

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