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⚠️ IMPORTANT: Users of Element Desktop/Web/Android, FluffyChat & Nheko should upgrade immediately to address a critical encryption vulnerability.

We are not aware of this being exploited in the wild yet, but as the bug is now disclosed please upgrade now.

TIL that if you were standing on the Earth but the moon were RIGHT OVER YOUR HEAD CLOSE ENOUGH TO TOUCH, then you would still be standing on the Earth, with the gravity of the moon not enough to overcome the gravity of the Earth:

Programming in Java has a lot more crazy WTF moments than Julia.

When Julia does go wrong, it's usually more of a "disappointing, but actually quite reasonable because of low level reason X" kind of thing.

Release 21

New layout features
* Change the layout to left, right, top, bottom
* Split notification list (row or column)
* Change the proportions of the list and content

See screenshot for top placement and column split

StackExchange plays to inverse psychology by making the "primary" button accept choices instead of accept all, which is what asshole cookie banners do.

Congrats, StackExchange, I almost fall 😂

I love ! Its such a clean interface but with pretty colors and extremely featureful. Its a complete client, and I don't think you'd ever need a full on GUI client.

I also tried it on , and now I'm conflicted whether using on touch screens even makes sense 🤣.

Pre-disclosure: we are planning a coordinated security release of several Matrix clients starting ~1pm UK (UTC+1) Monday Sept 13th to address a critical vuln. We have no evidence of it being exploited in the wild, but please be sure to upgrade on Mon!

The dream is to own a huge house with a terracotta roof, a front yard and a backyard with a pool.

And some sunflowers and peashooters just in case zombies attack.

Lots of newcomers to Fosstodon lately. This is not twitter where a corporation uses algorithms to drive engagement for profit. Here you are the algorithm. You can help this by adding an avatar picture and sending an introductory toot. There are many folks ready to welcome you here so go ahead and send that or toot.

Numpy, the Python package that makes the language bearable, howndo you pronounce it?

So I got an old-ish low spec laptop which is 11in and super cute. Presently running Manjaro(arch seemed too hardcore)-i3. I use barrier to share keyboard and mouse on it right now.

Anyone has any "cool" Linux things I could do?
All the articles online are either "Hey! Use it like any other laptop!" or, "fortune | cowsay"

Super interesting blog post by June from Causal Agency analyzing V6 AT&T UNIX pwd's source code...

BTW hers is one of my favorite blogs out there with its unique format and selection of topics 💁🏻‍♀️

PSA for parents

It's practically impossible (or at least very hard) to learn anything from someone disrespected and despised. If you really care about your kid's education, you shouldn't criticize teachers and loudly complain about how incompetent they are, because this only ensures that your kid will not pay any attention to what they are trying to teach.

This is especially important in those trying times, when suddenly we are all forced to use technology that is, honestly speaking, not ready for this.

How do you eat a Ferrero Rocher?

A beautiful article on how remote interaction could be beneficial for those on the spectrum.

Now that most places (places of study, work etc) have the necessary infrastructure, isn't it better if instead of rushing back to the "normal", we actually incorporate these technologies into our workflows, making it more inclusive than before?

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