Why are toots(/tweets too, for that matter) limited to 500 chars? I doubt it is for technological issues. What would happen if toots were not limited at all, or atmost limited to some very large limit, like 50k characters? Would we have more blogpost-like posts? Would it basically become Reddit?

I am a bit late in this, but the new version of is pretty cool. One can now even add how toots are rendered. What is interesting to me is whether such a feature is sustainable in the long run. I have rarely seen apps provide so much flexibility in terms of , and I just assumed it to be because it would be hard to update apps without breaking people's workflows. If it isn't so difficult to maintain flexibility, why do I keep hearing complains about breaking people's userChromes?

@nilix Thank you for this post! I really loved your cost of computing post too!

@hund it should be easy enough to write yourself i guess. i'm reasonably sure you'll get guides online for both the steps. Also, termux with termux-api has termux-notification-list and termux-tts-speak, so you can make up a command to do it.

I want someone to write an init system in Python so I can say "There's a snake in my boot!"

I genuinely thought that was declared a public "good", as in the opposite of bad and not "good" as in a synonym of product 😂

@urusan @splatt9990 there has also been an issue in julialang/julia to introduce _ as a method to create anon functions github.com/JuliaLang/julia/pul

@urusan this is how I'd do it -
filter(!isnothing, map(files) do f
t = match(r"(^\w*)(\.epub$|$)", f)
isnothing(t) ? nothing : t[1]

or equivalently,

map(files) do f
t = match(r"(^\w*)(\.epub$|$)", f)
isnothing(t) ? nothing : t[1]
end |> s -> filter(!isnothing, s)


@urusan I was going to ask just that! Whether or not it is possible to find a stable point. Thanks for that lovely explanation!


@urusan I know zilch about economics, but is there like an "ideal" distribution of income/networth that would represent whether or not a particular economy is equitable?

@scientiac Thank you for this post! I went through nearly the same path, except I had a laptop of my own. Until the pandemic I didn't have enough time, nor enough confidence that I'll not screw up my Windows setup. I too started hating proprietary and faang companies. I too failed to get my friends onto other apps, but successfully (after 3 different tries)😂. Infact, I learnt about gemini and the tilde-verse from your mastodon post!

COVID, personal 

@urusan I hope you feel better ♥♥

The Programmer Way of Stalking Some Developer Online is just routinely checking their dotfiles repository

I drank coffee, then coke, then tea, then had a very late lunch, when normally, i only have a tea and lunch at a sensible time. Bad bad bad decisions.

Berry's Paradox - An Algorithm For Truth


I had thought of this question in the past, how much can a data be compressed ? What is the theoretical limit on data compression?

This video gave me an answer, its fascinating.

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