Is it just me, or is it immensely nerve-wracking to post on a new platform. I took nearly a whole year before I opened an issue on GitHub. The first few days on mastodon I just hung around. I have a net of 2 Reddit posts. But once I'm used to it, I super chill about it all.

It's mainly coz of this fear of saying things the "wrong" way, against the conventions of the place. Should this post be Unlisted or Public? Is this issue already posted before? Do I @ someone before or after the toot?


I suppose this is also true of physical spaces. But physical spaces inevitably are smaller and more homogenous. I'm sure I wouldn't step out the house in another country for fear of offending people. Is this similar to what people feel when they don't feel people like them in the spaces they exist in? How does an individual combat this?


You put WAY too much thought into it in my opinion.

Or I probably just don’t care enough about offending people. I would step out the house anyway.

Ultimately you are the center of your own reality and how healthy you are about interacting with others determines how effectively you spread goodness and truth to others.

If you need space for a moment at a party, take it. If you need more time to adjust, say it.

Be healthy and supportive. Stop worrying about the details.

@wholesomedonut Thank you so much for the encouraging words!🤗 The not stepping out was a bit of an exaggeration 😅

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