The Programmer Way of Stalking Some Developer Online is just routinely checking their dotfiles repository

I drank coffee, then coke, then tea, then had a very late lunch, when normally, i only have a tea and lunch at a sensible time. Bad bad bad decisions.

Berry's Paradox - An Algorithm For Truth

I had thought of this question in the past, how much can a data be compressed ? What is the theoretical limit on data compression?

This video gave me an answer, its fascinating.

What is a good design decision in an otherwise awful system?

In particular, I was thinking about good design in bad programming languages, but other systems are fine too.

Moral compass powerful enough that it warps other nearby moral compasses to align with its own field lines

This is fantastic! Mirror/extend your existing PC screen to any device with a (fairly latest) web browser.

In less than two hours: @NGIZero webinar on crowd funding!

Sustainable funding for open source projects

So i generally hate pdf viewers because either they are huge and clunky, or not foss, or straight up featureless. Even pdf as a format should stop existing.

But that said, I'm in Science and pdfs are a part of life unfortunately. Till now only zathura and SumatraPDF have come close to being helpful, but still have their drawbacks

This new viwer called Sioyek os just brilliant. it'll need few keyrebindings to make it vimlike, but it has a host of innovative features. i daresay i even like it🙀

English: Software disenchantment

I would like to say I am mostly agree with this post:

Español: Desencantado con el software.

Me gustaría decir que estoy muy de acuerdo con esta entrada:

I suppose this is also true of physical spaces. But physical spaces inevitably are smaller and more homogenous. I'm sure I wouldn't step out the house in another country for fear of offending people. Is this similar to what people feel when they don't feel people like them in the spaces they exist in? How does an individual combat this?

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Is it just me, or is it immensely nerve-wracking to post on a new platform. I took nearly a whole year before I opened an issue on GitHub. The first few days on mastodon I just hung around. I have a net of 2 Reddit posts. But once I'm used to it, I super chill about it all.

It's mainly coz of this fear of saying things the "wrong" way, against the conventions of the place. Should this post be Unlisted or Public? Is this issue already posted before? Do I @ someone before or after the toot?

"Please Stop Closing Forums And Moving People To : They are not the same thing, and will never be the same thing."

TIL: If you use the default Python extension in VS Code you have to enable Telemetry to get it to load. That is some shit right there.

Does anyone use aerc mail client with a custom stylesheet? I can't seem to get colors apart from RGBY to display, though apps like tut work fine.

I don't like the fact that mastodon has "favorite" instead of just "like". This post made me grin. Heart. Thumbs up. fine. Favorite? Hmmm... Is it my _favourite_? It's just like how people blank when you ask them what's their fav song.

Favorite is too decisive for me.

enjoyed this quote from h***** n***:

"Newton was a genius, yet the man spent most of his life doing alchemy, trying to forecast the future with the help of the bible, and chasing dragons in the Swiss Alps, put simply, he was batshit insane and probably a failure by the standards of modern productivity gurus. Yet he also made contributions larger than anyone will ever do by filling up note-taking apps and tracking how much time they spent on their breakfast with a stopwatch. "

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