Sad rant 

The only positive thing about this week is that there's been a leopard thats been sighted on campus multiple times, but forest officials haven't caught it for the past 3 days. Its so exciting 😂

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Sad rant 

My laptop stopped working and it may cost some 12k to fix it. Went to fix it, but reached 5 mins late and the store had closed. Went to another store, he just said "motherboard issue" and offered to fix it unofficially for 2.5k. I just moved to campus from home, and i'm feeling so lonely because all my friends are in their labs working. Home wasn't any better, since we're renovating and there were fights and disagreements with the contractor on a daily basis. Im so done with life. Rupees

I wasn't angry at her. It wasn't her fault. But I hate it when my electronic devices stop working because of the cost associated with it. So now i'm very sad. Ik I can't do much about it, but idk what to do.

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My friend dropped water on my laptop. It wasn't her fault at all, and she wasn't just clumsy. The bottle cap was half open, and she lifted it. The bottle fell and water splashed on my laptop. Immediately killed the laptop by holding the power button, but it wouldn't turn on after letting it dry for an hour. I opened up and quite some amount of water was around the battery, but there wasn't any on the motherboard itself. Hoping that letting it dry for a day will help, but i'm worried.

Tip #7
Edit your PDFs directly in writer.
When exporting a text document to PDF, tick the "Hybrid PDF" option. This will create a PDF that also contains the .odt file inside. This allows you to either open the PDF in any document viewer as a PDF or in a text editor as an .odt file without any formatting loss. Try it for yourself and never lose the source file to a PDF!

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Join a growing community of developers at #Codeberg today, the #OpenSource and community-maintained #Git-Hosting and #GitHub alternative! 💻

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Caves 10,000 BCE: Wow, this cave is a safe haven from the world!

Caves 2022 CE: Wow, this cave is an adventure!

i am once again asking events to stop unfolding until we've grappled with the events that have already unfolded.

With climate defeatism, it’s OK to believe we’re not gonna make it. It’s OK feel worn down and frustrated and unheard.

What I nix is when that defeatism makes you obstruct, or get in the way of, or hinder, us trying for a chance no matter how slim. When we’re trying to think of solutions and trying to come up with things we can do, and you come in with a hat mismatch and start flooding the conversation with your “it’s no use”. (As in, repeatedly.)

That’s not cool. For my own health and for the health of everyone with me.

And, I feel guilty about saying that. We all know that everyone we meet is fighting a battle we know nothing about, and I, you don’t have to believe me but I do know how it feels.

And maybe you and yours are exactly the kind of people we need to reach the most. Maybe the most. And if the way you feel is anything near what I’ve felt when I’m been at my most pessimistic, if that’s the case, then you’re the kind of person who needs our support, our comfort, our companionship here on the brink.

And I don’t know what to do about you, with you, for you but step one is that you please STFU with that kind of “race to the bottom” talk.

Can we please have some orthogonality between on the one hand the line stretching from “believing we’re doomed” to “believing there’s a chance if we haul our collective asses” (because no matter where you are on that line, you might still be one of us) vs on the other hand the line from “we’re gonna try to avert this doom” to “we’re going on one final gasoline-fueled binge because we might as well enjoy these final days” (because that’s when We’re Gonna Have To Have Words)?

And it’s OK to take breaks and we’re all in it together (kinda no getting away from that, either it’s 1🌏1♥ at least on this issue, or we’re dead as disco), but it’s not OK to be sabotaging our efforts or even our futile li’l dumb&desperate brainstorming sessions with your defeatist mind virus.

And it’s not your fault and I feel your pain, but a lot of us are also on the edge here so don’t clown around and drag us down there, instead let’s try to set this right.

I’m cool with being wiped out by an asteroid or earthquake or volcano but I’m not gonna be chill with standing in front of the scythe in shame knowing that as humanity was creating their own li’l man-made mess, I didn’t at least try.

The following is gonna sound morbid, but when I’m at my most pessimistic, I take some amount of comfort in: OK, humanity chose this. Or enough humans did. Maybe they didn’t know what the heck they were doing, or maybe it was because they were helpless as mere cells in a malicious organism probably better known as incentive-driven markets, or maybe they wanted it because they were like fuck the future I’ve got mine, or they were like excuses excuses excuses excuses, but either way, if we do flub it, it’s because they chose it. And there’s some comfort in that.

I sometimes think of it as we’re on a boat and I see clowns to the left of me and jokers to the right and they all whip out drills and start going ham om the hull. And I’m like OK I guess that’s the way you wanted it, that was the outcome of the big old CO2e election. That was the game and that was the outcome of the game.

But I’ll be damned if I join them. You’ll never get me to pick up that drill. I’m gonna work my ass off trying to pour water out from the boat, trying to fix those holes. Until my dying breath.

And as much as I know you’re in pain, please don’t get in the way of that, please don’t get in the way of us who are trying to fix the boat. Come join us when you can.

web browser poll, curiosity 

So, what #web #browser do you use? #Firefox, #Safari, #Chrome, or #Vivaldi? If you are using something else please reply - there's only 4 slots for polls, so I had to limit the choices. Please #boost to get a better response on this poll.

“A low-car city is only as good as the infrastructure around it.

Since 2007, Ljubljana has launched a free on-demand electric shuttle service, renovated and built 13 active travel bridges, launched a bikeshare system that makes 900,000 trips a year, and expanded its bus network.” —@modacitylife, [2/3].

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Just because something can be connected to the internet, doesn’t mean it should.

Joke poll 

Please rate your Fedi experience on a scale from 1-5

How can I not stay up irresponsibly late when this society saps my normal waking hours with work, grocery shopping, insurance forms and unrealized dreams?

Bad address: https://www.аррӏе.com/

Good address:

See the difference?

Me neither. The first one is using Cyrillic charset, the 2nd one - regular Latin

So, how to avoid getting shagged by the Bad Guys?

Not sure about other browsers; in Firefox, you go to about:config, find the network.IDN_show_punycode option and set it to true. From now on, any URLs based on charsets other than Latin will be shown as hex codes.

You're welcome.

Among many other things, I'm completely fed up of working alone. Posting this one again into the void of the fedi.

Open to anyone in the world as long as you're *good* at #Django and good with English.

DMs open for any questions.

Queer folks and women are encouraged to apply. As a woman myself, I know how much I second guess myself and how many contracts I skip over. We'll teach each other cool things.

No stupid interview processes. We'll just have (1) a chat that will last less than an hour, and, (2) a small live test where we talk and collaborate that is finished in less than an hour.


Note for those in the US and other developed economies: this is simply not lucrative or anywhere even near at par with what you'd get locally. If you've got 15-20 hours a week to kill and make some *additional* $ though, go ahead and apply!


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