@deviaan KBParadise makes some great entry-/mid-level keyboards! I still have the old regular KBParadise V60 that I got years ago. I use it on a daily basis for my mediacenter.

@hund That's great to hear! They seem to be well positioned on the price/quality scale.

@nebunez I'm debating between Brown and Clear. I've used, and enjoyed, Brown but not Clear. However, it seems to be the preferred choice for office settings.

I bought a second keyboard with Browns (to replace Blues) in the office and I love it. My boss uses Clear, and I really don't like them.

@nebunez Do they feel too stiff? That's something I'm a bit concerned about.

I think linear switches feel too stiff. Browns don't feel stiff, IMO.

I believe there're also different kinds of switches in addition to the colors (e.g. cherry brown, box brown) which makes a difference, IIRC.

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