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Internet at risk again (US pol) 

Saw all those reports about Trump taking aim at 'social media companies' so I took a look at what he's pushing to be amended:

This isn't "social media companies", or "businesses", it's *everything*. Every website every forum every Fedi instance, every FTP server and gopher hole. Absolutely everything.

I severely doubt they'll go ahead and change/revoke this because it'll make all forms of accessible servers liable for whatever snippets of media is on them as if the server owner themselves has authored them.

What's odd is how the media keeps focusing on the 'social network' aspect and not noticing the magnitude of what we're talking about. You'd think they'd notice. :blobthinking:

Full legal text:

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Anyone have experience with emacs org-mode? I am looking to migrate away from OmniFocus. I ideally want to use a GTD workflow.

I hate that slack uses as many resources as a full browser. I think I'm going to try that wee chat plug in.

Unbound caps lock and made it control. Let's try this out.

Any 60% keyboard users out there? I've been trying to decide for months now on what to get and can't make up my mind. I *think* I'm picking between the Anne Pro 2 and KBP V60, but I'm not sure which to get. I want to stay under $100USD, so I'm leaning Anne Pro 2, but there are a ton of negative comments which make me hesitant. Any advice is appreciated!

I've enjoyed the last few months with Gnome3, but I think it's time to use KDE again for a while.

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A #Belgian bank decides to force all customers to:

* buy an #iPhone or #Android
* subscribe to GSM svc
* give the ph# to Apple or Google
* tell #Apple or #Google where they bank (by downloading the app)
* install & execute proprietary #nonfreesoftware

Money is trapped in the accounts- held hostage until customers take the above steps.

Why is no one talking about this? #Aion (#MontePaschi) forces ppl into #surveillanceCapitalism w/Google/Apple patronage & no one seems to notice.

The hardest thing to replace is going to be GAPPS Android. I'll need to do a fair bit of research and/or get a phone supported by Lineage or Ubuntu Touch or something.

This year I will attempt to de-google my life as much as I can. I know I'll need to compromise in some aspects, at least at first, but it'll be worth it to decentralize all the important aspects of my life.

Having said that, is there a list for comic book fans? I haven't kept up with them after HoX/PoX but I do like reading opinions/reviews.

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I purposefully waited until the hype around Mastadon from ~2 years ago was gone to join. I'm glad I made this decision because it looks like a lot of the people that I follow elsewhere left around the end of last year, and that would have bee disheartening. I'm looking forward to finding new people to follow who are active here.

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In the grand tradition that has been established on this site for eons and eons....

It's my birthday, please give me boosts.

I need to be more proactive about my dotfiles. I've, at least, put them on github already but I should make some sort of install script.

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There are a few sites that I depend on for a lot of the #programming related daily needs. One of them is #ReadTheDocs, where especially a lot of the #Python community host their #documentation at. As do I, for both #Socialhome and my #federation library.

Finally started giving back with a $5/month subscription. If you depend on the docs hosted by them, consider supporting.

Hi everyone.
Finally decided to try leap into this federated world. It'll take me a bit to get used it, I'm a slow learner when it comes to social media things. I'm a Python developer based in Guadalajara, Mexico and I look forward to this new social media experience!


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