is a lossless optimizer.

OptiPNG recompresses PNG files to decrease their size. This process is lossless, meaning the contents of the images are exactly the same once decompressed. OptiPNG can work on several formats, including and , outputting an optimized PNG version of whatever input is given. OptiPNG can also verify the integrity of an image and recover metadata.

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apt 📦️: optipng

D&D lets you live out all kinds of fantasies, such as:
-Having everyone call you by your preferred name and gender
-Having a big group of friends who do everything together
-Making a reasonable wage as a freelancer
-Being able to murder the terrible leadership of your country
-Getting 8 hours of sleep

I published #Fedilab 2.20.0 🎉

What's new:

- Support for #Pixelfed with a dedicated layout.

- In-app features:
* Scheduled posts, drafts, scheduled boosts, remember position, bookmarks, timed mute, import/export blocked domains.

“As the millennium approached, the online world would become increasingly centralized and consolidated, with both governments and businesses accelerating their attempts to intervene in what had always been a fundamentally peer-to-peer relationship. But for one brief and beautiful stretch of time – the stretch that, fortunately for me, coincided almost exactly with my adolescence – the Internet was mostly made of, by, and for the people. Its purpose was to enlighten, not to monetize, and it was administered more by a provisional cluster of perpetually shifting collective norms than by exploitative, globally enforceable terms of service agreements. To this day, I consider the 1990s online to have been the most pleasant and successful anarchy I’ve ever experienced.” 

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bro says "I just want to discuss technology" 

It's a common sentiment on hacker news/ and it's worth spelling out what's wrong with it.

1. technology does not exist in isolation, but interacts more and more with our world

Ok but still, aren't there enough places to discuss the ethics of technology? This leads to point 2.

2. When they say "just technology" they mean "just tech and implicit political positions that aligns with my views".

AI can't even tell from context when to autocorrect its to it's and we expect it to drive our cars, wtf

This gives a feeling of how the Signal Protocol for the E2EE has been implemented by WhatsApp.

PINE64 has just released detailed technical specifications for the $25 open source .

Planned (near!) release date, availability and some pictures of the current prototype have also been published.

More on this in our latest article:

Pro tips pour apprendre l'américain.

Trouvé dans le grenier informatique de mon père.


Fun fact: you can't name any file anywhere in windows 10 "aux.txt" or "aux" anything with any extension, because it was a reserved name in CP/M before dos was a thing.

If you commit "aux.txt" to a git repo, you break it for windows users. If you distribute "aux.txt" in a zip file, windows computers cannot extract it without error.

Someone should build a site that lets people learn how Mastodon works without actually being on a Masto instance. Have it walk people through making a post, replying, receiving notifications, searching, etc.

Mimic the front end without any of the networking components; instead, have all the data be static and loaded on demand. (IOW load it with fake accounts and fake posts and have the same ones come up for everyone who takes the tour.)

Got an email this morning asking if I was interested in applying for a job.

"Must be able to perform teardown, inspection, build-up and test of assemblies and sub-assemblies on various components associated with the AH-64D Longbow Apache."

When I said that I had apache experience on my resume, this is not what I had in mind.


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