I'm sure running maps on better hardware would lead to significant performance improvements, but I think I need to find an alternative. After seeing how Google Maps' timeline works, its hard using something as slow and clunky as NextCloud maps.

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SimpleLogin | Anti-spam (Protect your email inbox with a secure and open source solution by SimpleLogin) - f-droid.org/packages/io.simple

Anyone have any tips that helped successfully convince friends/family to delete their Facebook account? I can barely get friends/family to not think I'm crazy for not having a Facebook account.

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Hey @PINE64, I just got done reading your October Update Follow Up. I have a question on this bit:

"PineNotes will likely remain behind a developer pre-order ‘wall’ until the e-paper display becomes enabled in Linux."

Do we have even the slightest inkling of when that will be? I'm not talking exact date, more like 3rd quarter 2022? September sometime? Anything?


My first week of running Wallabag has led to several crashes. It looks like it may require a lot of memory to keep it stable. Does anyone have any optimization/stability tricks or even an alternative read it later service that you'd recommend?

I'm not familiar with the Software Freedom Conservancy, but I am sure I will be in the coming months/years. Glad to hear that they are attempting to hold Vizio accountable under GPL. Hopefully it leads to changes in the smart TV market and hopefully others. Among other benefits, it would help give people more privacy protections and some relief to the planet.

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Today I learned:

`cd -` gets you back to your prior directory

Anyone think Apple will eventually create a "privacy oriented", "decentralized" internet-like network using everyone's Apple devices (emphasis due to it most likely being closed source and running only on Apple hardware)? Think some combination of Apple's Find My network and Amazon's Sidewalk.

It's not a new concept, but Apple is positioned to have a unique opportunity to do so with their "privacy" campaigns, large hardware footprint, and foundational network infrastructure in place.

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When we're online, privacy means encryption.

Do everything you can to support encryption this Global #EncryptionDay.

Defend encryption. Protect yourself. #GetSession.



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RT @TheOPTF@twitter.com

Today is global #EncryptionDay

Encryption ensures the security of sensitive information and safety for members of vulnerable communities.

It is also under threat.

Weakening E2EE potentially undermines the security of billions of people.

Learn more 👇


🐦🔗: twitter.com/TheOPTF/status/145

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Microsoft has been branded as "the world's best malware hoster for about a decade," thanks to abuse of the Office 365 and Live platform, as well as its slow response to reports by security researchers.


Does anyone know of an alternative to the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock + Keypad (ideally a FOSS solution, but at least one that can be fully self hosted and integrates with Home Assistant)? Bonus points for the ability to use a traditional key in addition to the "smart lock". Extra bonus points for integration with a self hosted "smart" doorbell with PoE (eg: single doorbell/keypad device)?


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