First Mastodon impressions:

1) A bit confusing at first, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. Local/global federation boundaries adds complexity. Finding content/people to follow is taking some time.

2) Choosing a network took a few false starts. Networks suggested that were full. Not all sites have their rules clearly published. Tried, but their email is broken (no MX records, and A/AAAA not configured for email).

3) Search needs work. No results for multicast, not even own post

@dentangle yeah it's a little confusing on this side but it does seem a nice rework from what was

@finux I like the idea, and if the idea's good and the code is open, the tech will come.

@dentangle i certainly hope so. If it catches the spirit twitter had 5 or 6 years ago it'll be fun to here. I'm a tad sceptical because ello. I thought that might get somewhere but meh

@finux Aye, Aye. Interesting to see where it goes. Federated servers and open code is a nice first step. However, to see *truly* decentralized many-many communications I think we need to ditch unicast entirely and enable global multicast. No more central servers. I've been working on a project to explore this idea and see where it might lead.

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