IP Multicast will play a prominent role on the Internet in the coming years. It is a requirement, not an option, if the Internet is going to scale. Multicast allows application developers to add more functionality without significantly impacting the network.

-- RFC3170, Sep 2001

@dentangle I read the Wikipedia page (I had heard the name previously, but didn't know what it was in detail).

This is pretty cool, if I understand it I could potentially stream to millions with just the upstream bandwidth of one stream.

I'm not sure how the network is supposed to handle congestion and DoS stuff though, it opens up a whole new range of concerns

A starting point is the rfc. But it would be interesting to hear your concerns.

The other first step is to realise that multicast is more than just streaming.

@Matter @dentangle
In the long term, decentralized apps need multicast to help with scaling and there is a high possibility of writing efficient privacy focused apps for decentralized communication and decentralized collaboration.

@Matter @dentangle
Long-term I hope to see the tools that developers can use to use multicast.

@onepict @dentangle I can see that. It's a whole new way of looking at things! It is kinda stupid to have to send the same data multiple times like is necessary now. Thank you @dentangle for introducing me to this!

@Matter Yes, millions of recipients can be supported by a single tiny server, not just for streaming, but any kind of data.

There are challenges yes, but many classes of problem disappear too. For today and tomorrow's many to many applications, multicast is the way forward.

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