Thanks to all the @opensuse developers and maintainers. Been using openSUSE since 2005. Love it! Now on 15 and enjoying it even more.

@dennis @opensuse Nearly 8 years since it's been my only OS, though I've had it installed in a dual-boot setup for over 16 years now. I use Tumbleweed myself as it's mostly stable while offering the latest updates far more quickly.

@MirceaKitsune @opensuse Yeah, I haven't taken to Tumbleweed yet. Thought about it, but I like things very stable. Either way, @opensuse is a pleasure, especially as a KDE guy.

@dennis @opensuse I'm using leap 15 on a Panasonic toughbook that was dug out of the trash at the hospital where I am a janitor. It runs really well. Yast2 is an excellent package manager. I use Slackware, Fedora, and Ubuntu/Debian based distros on other machines, so I have reference points for comparison.

@kenny_fields_1963 @opensuse Wow, what a find! And running a modern OS. I have lots of comparisons too. Started with Unix in the '90's with Solaris/CDE. My first distro was Caldera 1.2 which was actually awesome. At the time Red Hat was buggy and Caldera was freakishly stable. I had a Compaq presario running a Pentium 133 with a 1.4G harddrive. I installed Caldera on a 60M slice of the partition and had a fully graphical Linux running code for days, Gnutella, and other stuff.

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