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Today for the first time I managed to send a KeySend payment using LND's REST API, on my local regtest cluster.
@podstation may see a very experimental and proof of concepty support for @podcastindex 's value tag in the near future.
emphysys on experimental and proof of concepty.

@Castopod @dave @martin are you familiar with this could be an option in the future for streaming sats from web apps, but it does not support key send yet, I started a discussion about that:

@benjaminbellamy I just implemented support to WebMonetization in (very early stages app), I tested it with your feed (, you may have gotten some credits from me, it is using the Probabilistic Revenue Share.
(currently I am taking ~1%, but 100% if the podcast does not have the value block).
Did you get anything?

Today I listened to an episode of podcasting 2.0, being played by @adam with @podstation , in another episode of podcasting 2.0, using @antennapod , that is podcasting inception right there 😂
what a moment!
@podcastindex @dave

podStation v1.27.0 implements support for the podcast:funding tag, making it easier for users to support the podcasts they listen to.

hey @sphinx_chat I have been reading about lightning protocol, still have not experimented with it.
I am coding a podcast player web app, it is planned to be client side only and work as a PWA. Do you see any way such an app could participate in the v4v (value for value) model using lightning transfers?
cc @dave

Hey @dave, I am having a problem with the API, it does not add CORS headers when the index does not know the feed I am querying yet. I don't know where is the proper place to report this, but I created an issue in the API docs repo:

@dave merged the MediaSession PR into master. We now have media player support! Thanks @dellagustin

@tomrossi7 @jamescridland

We now have podcast profile pages:

Thank you for this @steven !! It looks seamless. Now I'm in debt to two people instead of just @drunkplato . 😂

I am going to work my way through your code and see how this all works. I know the basics of node.js/express routing and such. It's just the React stuff that's new to me.

@binyamin codeberg is a Gitea instance (so the comparison doesn't really hold, since gitlab is a forge and codeberg is just one instance of a forge)

That said, gitlab is pretty bloated and huge, and its UX can be a bit confusing. Also, they have the proprietary tiers etc, while gitea is 100% FOSS.

Hey yall, help a brother out and create some engagement on this tweet (, I am trying to convince to enable voting for closed suggestions on their public issue tracker

@dave are you planning to add support for the duration tag that already exists for items in itunes and google namespaces?

Dear and community, are you familiar with the concept of ? Do you practice it in your professional life?
If yes, or if you want to know more, there is a community around the topic, I present to you the InnerSource Commons Foundation:

The foundation is not on Mastodon yet, but I already planted this seed in the community.

State of the Survey 2020, by the InnerSource Commons Foundation

Do you you use practices for inhouse closed source software development? It has a name: InnerSource, help the community by participating in the

Hey all, the company I work for, SAP, released recently the first episode of a Open Source themed
check it out if you would like to hear more about Open Source from the perspective of a big software enterprise.

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