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@dave would a recommendation to properly implement support for HTTP Conditional Requests ( belong in this document? Or should we have a "Best Practices" peer document?

@martin oh yeah, that is something you can only do with CORS enabled. Caching and offline availability is something else, it may be possible without CORS, but I am not 100% sure.

@StevenB @martin i think you can overcome that to a certain extent with the cache API

@sphinx_chat @dave @Lehmancreations got it, so it is a different use case then LNPay.
Is there a common set of fields for the routing hint that is usable by multiple different nodes?
Here is the format for LND's API:

@dave @Lehmancreations @adam I'll work on that, I love you guys, but I don't wanna see you naked 😜

@Lehmancreations @dave @adam and that is it for today, I am calling it a day, if you test it, let me know if it worked.

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@Lehmancreations @dave @adam v1.38.0 of podcast is pending review on chrome web store, but should be out any time now.
It contains support for customKey and customValue from both feed and index, so podcasters will also be able to receive sats on LNPay!

@Lehmancreations @dave I'm testing, just streamed some sats to you while listening, from LNPay to LNPay, can you check if you got them? two transactions, one of 49 and another of 11

@dave @Lehmancreations I can see it in the index (without the customKey/value), but not in the feed anymore, and it used to be there (I think, or seeing it in the other message injected the memore that was in the feed, I don't know):

hey @Lehmancreations, did you remove the value block from your feed? I was doing some tests now and I cannot find it anymore.

@Lehmancreations @dave I started the development for parsing the feed. Development should be quick, but I need to do some time consuming regression tests.

We have an immediate opening for an all-rounder interested in industrial networking and IT. Position is 50% travel within Europe, 50% remote/back-office work. Must be EU national or hold a work permit. Office location is either near Duesseldorf/D or Salzburg/A.

Must be proficient with networking, mostly Windows support, and be willing to do everything from arranging cabling to hardware work, software support, light routing configuration, and end user training.

DM me. Boosts appreciated.

@dave @Lehmancreations
In more details, mentioning the relation with the tlv stream as defined in BOLT #1 (, that key is a 64 bit integer > 2^16, and that value is a hex encoded arbitrary binary data.

@dave @Lehmancreations
Dave, when using lightning keysend, do you envision the usage for custom key / value for anything other then custom records? In the paper you mention "requires a custom record or meta-data of some sort", but withing the lightning message protocol the tlv stream (where the custom records go) is the only place where we can put data.
I am asking because I want to send a PR with a more specific definition of customKey and customValue

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