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I just saw this funding related message from npm for its modules and thought about a lightning powered v4v funding model for open source, imagine you configure your wallet connection in the command line and just do "npm fund <sats>", and lightning enabled modules get funds.
There, now go implement it 馃槣

@adam that is not an argument to restrict user freedom, it is the users' money, they should fully decide how to spend it. Aside from that, we also have to consider currency volatility and the fact that their default is probably going to be too much in poor countries.

@adam @martin @dave @genen podStation also cumulates the amount for a given valueDestination until it can send it successful (for LND node integration there is a configurable max fee)

@dave cool, I am asking because I want to recommend @satoshisstream to consider using it for identifying podcasts instead of the metadata currently sent by some players with custom record key 7629169
here is the issue I created on their repo github.com/satoshisstream/sato

@genen if you really mean @podstation , it does not yet support c-lightning, but I am Interested in implementing support for it.

@benjaminbellamy just listening to ep 29 today, pretty nice stuff!
The whole history of how podlibre.org came about is very interesting.
@adam @dave @podcastindex

@martin also looking for that, after some research most places were like exchanges for investors, where is the "buy btc and btc over lightning" for the regular joe (outside the US)?

@jamescridland Hey James, I did some tests with font-family: sans-serif on both Windows and macOS (monospace looks like I am in a terminal application :p). It looks like it does not jump.
Can you force it using the inspector to check if it works for you too?
If it does I will switch to this font family and solve the "jumping-around-player".

Version 1.39.0 of @podstation will bring more visibility to the content of the podcast:funding tag.

@dave @adam seems that your paypal link in the pc20 funding tag on the feed is not working, I think that you cannot copy the link that is generated when you press the red donate button. There is a token in the url, I think it is session related and it expires.
Here is what I see when I use that link.

@jamescridland sorry for the delay on that, It is on my (huge) backlog: github.com/podStation/podStati
Curiously enough, that does not happen on windows, only on Mac.

@sphinx_chat nice! I have to double check the labels, It was supposed to be the same

@martin @hypercatcher @adam @dave I considered state from the start because of the routing fees, if you transfer 2 or 3 sats and have to pay 1 sat of fee, at the end it is a 30 to 50% fee, so that is too high. LNPay still does not have a max fee, so I am considering adding an option for minimum transaction amount.
Also, I have a background in payroll software, so ensuring people have paid is probably in my blood already 馃槣

@martin @hypercatcher @adam @dave If it is not successful, I will put that amount back in the balance that has to be transferred to that destination and try again next time, but if you don't know whether it was successful, you don't know if you are paying for that amount of listened time.

@martin @hypercatcher @adam @dave yeah, not knowing if the payment was successful at the end comes with its own problems. I wonder what would be the throughput of a single node in transactions per second...

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