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I just saw this funding related message from npm for its modules and thought about a lightning powered v4v funding model for open source, imagine you configure your wallet connection in the command line and just do "npm fund <sats>", and lightning enabled modules get funds.
There, now go implement it 😜

Version 1.39.0 of @podstation will bring more visibility to the content of the podcast:funding tag.

@dave @adam seems that your paypal link in the pc20 funding tag on the feed is not working, I think that you cannot copy the link that is generated when you press the red donate button. There is a token in the url, I think it is session related and it expires.
Here is what I see when I use that link.

Round numbers may be just a convention, but they are still beautiful

Baby steps, these are satoshis being "streamed" once a minute in a local regtest cluster while listening to a podcast. @podstation is calling the REST API from my LND node from chrome.
Progress is slow, but getting there, eventually there will be a very crude proof of concept being published.
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