@genen I'm informed by Tim from lnpay.co that payments to your node is not going through. - The same is apparently happening to my voltage node.

I'm unsure why, it just returned network failure. I wonder if it's not enough channels.

@dave Is this something you know anything at all about?

@martin @genen Adam is the channel master since he admins the PI node, but I can investigate.

@dave @genen I was informed that Adam takes a huge 10.1% fee for routing through the PI node, and that was causing problems because Tim denies transactions with too high fees 😂

Not sure that's the entire problem though. Investigating with him!

@martin @dave @genen I will check once settled. Seems unlikely I set anything to a 10% fee.

@martin @dave @genen OK. I checked with Tim at LNPay. The index node is set the default, which is 1sat fee for routing a payment. When you are only sending 10 sats that is a 10% fee. This is why Breez aggregates payment and waits until the fee <20%.

This has been detailed in this post and I recommend again that devs read this as it answers many questions.



@adam @martin @dave @genen podStation also cumulates the amount for a given valueDestination until it can send it successful (for LND node integration there is a configurable max fee)

@dellagustin @adam @dave @genen

Yeah, it's 100% that it's me who has some work to do here, to aggregate some payments.

@martin @dellagustin @adam @dave Or just put the minimum at 100sat/min :) That would work just fine to solve this problem :) I would love Breeze to aggregate till 100 min as well instead of 20 because at 20 the split is still off from the values published in the RSS.

@adam any errors today? I've had errors both from breez and voltage in sending payments to sphinx.. like 10k sat transactions

@adam "An error was encountered please try later" It was odd because it would do a transfer, then I would generate another invoice the same way, run it and it would error out... only going out of voltage to sphinx... other destinations worked fine. It's all beta... I know...

@genen which app threw the error? Invoices are also not the same as keysend streaming payments

@adam ya these are not keysends.. I got the error I typed in on sending from sphynx and got a timeout error on sending from node to sphinx with invoice. All invoice-based. I was trying to move money around to different nodes in 10k and larger chunks. My wallet should have allowed 60k of sat movement, and sending to and from breez was no problem.

@genen your liquidity is deryined by how much of your 60k is on which side of the channel. Also, you ability to transact is dependent on the entire route having enough liquidity.

Just lijw the early day of the internet, you needed peering and transit.

@adam 60k on sending side. 80k on receiving. And I was doing 10k transactions. Direct peer with Sphinx big node. Worked 1 out of 4 times. Very strange

@genen really the only way to know what is happening is to run queryroute to see where the bottlenecks are.

@adam hmm is that a command or an app? I’ll have to look that up. Now go enjoy vacation!

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