@dellagustin Took just a few minutes to get this working including creating an account on LNPay. It took a bit of trial and error to figure out which Wallet Access key was needed since the label text was different in LN Pay.

@sphinx_chat nice! I have to double check the labels, It was supposed to be the same

@dellagustin Very nice! I do wish you'd fix the jumping-around-player though. Use the mono system font stack here: systemfontstack.com/ :)

@jamescridland sorry for the delay on that, It is on my (huge) backlog: github.com/podStation/podStati
Curiously enough, that does not happen on windows, only on Mac.

@jamescridland Hey James, I did some tests with font-family: sans-serif on both Windows and macOS (monospace looks like I am in a terminal application :p). It looks like it does not jump.
Can you force it using the inspector to check if it works for you too?
If it does I will switch to this font family and solve the "jumping-around-player".

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