@dave @adam good news, I got a message from Tim on the LNPay telegram group that he will be turning on inbound KeySend payments.
Wallets must be identified through custom record 696969, example: 696969=wal_jhnRR8uSQUZfPM

This is aligned with my proposal to include custom records to podcast:valueRecipient:

I'll be experimenting with this for podStation's 1% (yey, finally getting some $ 😜 )

@dellagustin @dave so does that mean I do not need a voltage node I could use lnpay instead

@Lehmancreations Yes that’s right Andy. With inbound keysend, you shouldn’t need anything else. (Ignoring the custodialness arguments) You’d just need to address the lnpay wallet with the custom record.

@dellagustin Thanks for the work on this. Have you tested that it’s working now? I can send you some keysend payments to test if you’d like.

@dave @Lehmancreations I have not tested yet, if you want to test, my wallet id is wal_nZDVDNY91Md

@dellagustin @dave awesome. Now we just have to be able to send have the wallet info in the index somehow

@dellagustin @dave That's great news. Show day for me today, so I won't be able to test until that s evening, and I can't wait!

@dellagustin @dave Working on config.
I am confused about the API keys.
The link provided in your docs point me to the 'dashboard", where I find a client side API key and a Server side API key.

Podstation options ask for: API Key and a Wallet Access Key

Which goes where? No combos appear to work for me

Podstation with LNPay working like a charm! Congrats @dellagustin !!

@dellagustin There is something magical about hitting play on your computer and seeing Sats stream in on my mobile wallet.

@adam @dave in the API Key, enter the client side API key.
In the Wallet Access Key, you need to first create a wallet on LNPay. In the wallet details you will see 3 wallet access keys. It should work with both the admin and invoice keys (waka_... and waki_...)

@dellagustin @dave Yes, I figured it out, but your docs aren't clear about this or the exact names used.

@dellagustin @dave FYI, whoever node 02dd2824dec03aeecaefeb41099241c241c5e36c71a652d8010d27c636ad991ba2 belongs to is failing to receive payments because "No Route To Host"

@adam @dave using LNPay or the LND integration?
Do you know from which podcast this note is coming from?

@dellagustin @dave LNPay, while listening to Orange Pill. I'll get you deets after we record PC20

@dellagustin @dave That's all the info I have for you. I don't know who's node that is, unless it's yours?

@dellagustin @dave Well this is odd. Its an address routed by gameb1 which is sphinx chat.

Not sure how this is in their vale block since they have their own voltage node.

This is worth investigating.

@dellagustin @dave Dave. I added orangepill podcast to sphinx before we set up their voltage node.

Is it possible that somehow that Sphinx address got added to the value block?

@adam @dellagustin This (attached) is what the index is handing back for the Orange Pill podcast, based on it's feed id. I don't see that node key listed.

@dave @dellagustin

OK, this checks out with what I'm seeing in the podstation log:

valueHandlerService - values to cumulate [
"address": "02c6aa9067f0b31be4abc5fd811a93266f1f4bf4c4b57d4663fe5b7e3ed1a9860b",
"value": 8256.4515
"address": "03ae9f91a0cb8ff43840e3c322c4c61f019d8c1c3cea15a25cfc425ac605e61a4a",
"value": 83.39849999999998

@dave @dellagustin I must have been confused, unless it is a caching issue (doubtful) But that address that is failing is in the No Agenda value block:


That said, it also appears when I play Podcasting 2.0 and also fails.

Is this Dreb Scott's Sphinx node?

@dave @dellagustin
Regardless, I'll ask Tim to open a channel to that node since it is a sphinx operated node

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