@dave @adam have you discussed with Tim from about the possibility to receive KeySend payments on's wallets?
I think it is feasible with some small hacking, but it would require extending the value tag a bit.

@dellagustin @adam We have, but I don't remember what he said. I think he's waiting on the new changes that are going into LND that will make virtual nodes easier. Sphinx is already implementing it on their side.

@dave @adam cool, if podcasters can setup a wallet easy like that it will be very atractive.

@dellagustin @adam I'm actually working with Graham at Voltage right now on the podcaster side of things to get that going if possible.

@dave @dellagustin the wheels are crankcase ng up slowly. Beautiful to watch and be a part of.

@dave @adam I'm talking to Tim as well in LNPay's telegram group, he said lnpay can already receive keysend, but it is not documented, let see where it goes. I don't know where you are going to arrive with Voltage, but one thing I like with LNPay's model is not having to worry about inbound liquidity.

@dellagustin @dave @adam Ah, I better get in there too. It's a bit annoying that communication is so fragmented. I followed his twitter account which is just completely empty.

@dellagustin @adam Its really different models. Voltage is non-custodial. LNpay is custodial. Those are big deals in the Bitcoin world, so we really need both. Custodial is always the easier route, but it’s a non-starter for the hard core Bitcoin guys who are likely to be the early adopters.

Are you thinking about allowing for receive functionality?

@dave @adam yes, I was thinking about a way to use LNPay for podcasters to start receiving payments easily, I'll update you on the feasibility if get more information about it.

@dave @adam Tim is open to using a custom record on incoming keysend payments to identify the wallet. I created a github issue in the namespace repo to document a proposal on how to acomodate it:

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