@dave @adam can I borrow some sats from you to test LNPay? I am having difficulties finding an exchange where I can by sats off-chain.

@dave @adam since it is in lnpay I have to generate an invoice for you lnbc100u1psprfltpp5xku8rwtpf9lv3gjnpwtzcs90h0p3tuchpswpk8rlgfvrlcqsum9qdzzv3jkcmrpva6hxarfdcnhxgrvdecxz7fqwaskcmr9wsszsanfvysycnjsg9vjucm09ycqzpgxqyz5vqsp520lyar0fskj5qghfrz8cvtgxad3w8m9jsva7qt4j9aja7rrarvps9qy9qsqy353cy5ykfltgh5wfhjypkghuzs4al09645q92z26ds8p37u45dk82vjjsgjj4s9dvvxmfx7umkrtnmx2m50lrgf4mupa2ca5qfgffgp99lwj6

@dave @adam and many thanks, I will use your node as target for my tests, I'll be paying back while testing :D

@dellagustin @adam Done. No worries at all. Buy me a beer one day when we all get this stuff working. 😊🍻

@dave @adam all right, first key send from the API (with postman) worked. If I don't encounter any surprises, maybe we will have a working version of the integration this weekend.

@dellagustin @adam Nice work! If you need me to guinea pig anything just holler.

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