@adam @dave , my next move will be to reach crypto related podcasts and present to them the v4v model using lightning and podStation, as a viable (albeit experimental) option.
Do we have some kind of landing page that explains the concept?

@dellagustin @dave
Since we don't have one single procedure yet, there is no one pager for v4v yet.

There are a few ux suggestions I have that you may want to consider before rolling out.

You also might benefit by waiting a few weeks when I will he able to assist with PR.

My PR push will start after we do a few api changes here and beef up podcasterwallet.com which will be needed by almost all podcasts seeing as most so not have the ability to add the value block to their feed.

@dellagustin @dave In short, consider holding off a bit so we can support you with infrastructure and eyeballs.


@adam @dave sure, I'll wait for you, in the meantime, maybe I'll take a look at lnpay.co's API

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